Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Workers of the World Unite ...."

The present Banker led capitalism is crumbling –“Workers of the World unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains” – is still as true today as when written in London 150 years ago. ‘Students of the World Demonstraight, you have all to gain for your future’ and a new mixed economy working for all. Can be added.

From St. Paul’s to Wall Street and many Cities across the World Hundreds of thousands of workers and students are marching and demonstraighting against the stranglehold the 1% of the population has on the Banking system that has evolved over hundreds of years.

The Arab world is in turmoil over its ‘Masters’ and dictators, wanting more control over their lives and destiny.

I have always maintained that ‘evolution’ would bring about a fairer system, for life, than the present capitalism we now endure with its greed, instability and wealth for the few. As a young man, 60 years ago, I joined the Labour Party being impatient and wanting to try and hurry this along. Far from a socialist party I saw this as a step along the way. Every family is a practicing Socialist unit, (well most) the fit and strongest looking after the young and weak until they are able to care for themselves, and then add to the community. ‘To each according to his need – from each according to his ability’

The last 50 years have been the worst we have had to endure with deregulation of the Banks, selling off public utilities’, demutualising the people’s assets and general privatisations throughout the world allowing the grip of international institutions to tighten round the throats of workers the world over. In the UK the selling of the public utilities proved to be a catasrafie, it is immoral that the basic elements of life, fire and water, should be used for profit making for the few.

‘The wicked witch of Finchley’ will have a lot to answer for when her day of reckoning comes. Starting her career in government by stopping milk in school for children then as PM her disastrous housing policy of selling council houses, and not allowing councils to spend the revenue building more, mainly the cause of today’s housing shortage.

It was the Thatcher government that brought in expenses for Members of Parliament causing the scandals of recent years. This so she could not be blamed for raising the MP’s salaries. Another ploy of the then government was to increase disability and sick pay to keep the unemployment figures down. All this at a time the city, where banks eat banks getting bigger and bigger, becoming full of directors, boards and yuppies piling riches and fortunes in obscene figures.

A new Banking system, with a mixed economy is now the only way out, instead of worldwide leaders spending months and months arguing, achieving nothing trying to patch the present failing one.