Friday, October 1, 2010

Continued...... The LibDem Con

A lifelong socialist I am one of the first to say my constituency member of parliament, Dr. Vincent Cable MP, is a first class constituency member. Registered severely disabled, for over 20 years, he has helped me considerably over the years with the Boarder agency and other disabled problems.

I was very disappointed, with 1,000s of local Libdem voters when the Libdems bolstered a weak conservative party to give them power, lots of local Libdem voters being former Labour voters wanting to get the Tories out and keep them out. Even I was tempted to vote ‘Cable,’ but now, how pleased I kept my voting over the years 100% socialist.

When I had the honour of being a Richmond Councillor (we were unpaid, and did it as a service to the community) in the mid 1970s we built to a group 17 strong with a parliamentary vote around 15.000 +. In my ward alone, Hampton Hill, we polled over 1,600 votes.

Now is the time to invite these voters back to the Labour Party to once again build a strong opposition group instead of the likeminded LibDem and Conservative parties muddling their way through the running of our Borough.

The 30 years wasted over Twickenham Riverside being just one example. The centre of Twickenham, appalling in comparison to other local town centres with their developments. We can all see examples of mismanagement in our own part of the Borough.