Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The LibDemCon Government

The LibDemCon government . . .

Well!! Where do I start? - cracks of seismic proportions are appearing all over the place. The right wing conservative senior partners leading the LibDems ‘up the path’ by the nose.

David Cameron and his millionaire cabinet members (mainly Thatcher’s children) carrying on where she left off dismantling and destroying the welfare state. Thatcher saying there was no such thing as society and selling off social housing and starting the demutualising of the Building Societies to the capitalist system of her rich friends in the Banking world of dog eat dog.

Before Thatcher one could get a mortgage of 20/25 years that got easier to pay as you progressed through your working life with promotion and/or wage increases. Now it’s a case of short term mortgages with their arrangement fees, each time, to add to the bankers profits.

Cameron’s speech today (Feb. 14th. 2011) on his big idea of the “ Society” was no more that a lot of wind and hot air with no substance, a smoke screen to take away one’s mind from the pending cuts. For 55 years from my teens I have always tried to ‘do my bit’ for society with the Scout Movement, Teddington Old Peoples Welfare Committee, Rotary Club, a Borough Councillor (when councillors were unpaid) and a committee member and officer of members clubs.

The schools policy is now under fire with backing for many Councils from the courts over the cancellation of the school rebuilding programme of the previous Government to feed the cash to the new free schools.

The government Forestry sell off policy has been cancelled/postponed by public pressures.

All this, and more, after the work of a Labour Government’s 10 years of steady growth brought to an end after its struggle with the world wide financial crisis caused be greedy banks and bankers with their snouts in the trough.

I predict, that when the next election comes and the Conservatives drop the LibDens, Nick Clegg will join his millionaire friends in the Conservative Party.

To be continued. . . . .