Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vince Cable MP and the Student Demonstraters

This weekend (Nov. 2010) we had the spectacle of our member of parliament for Twickenham, Dr. Vince Cable MP, LibDem, in the hot seat of the weekend political T/V programme

A member of the LibDemCon government he looked very embarrassed, squirming and writhing in his seat, trying to justify ‘when is a pledge not a pledge’ and how to break promises.

The pledge and promise he, his party leader Nick Clegg and all libdem MPs, made at the General Election only 6 months ago not to raise tuition fees for students.

My heart, and thanks, go to all the 1,000’s of students across the Nation who turned out to demonstrate against this unforgivable betrayal of an election manifesto promise. My own demonstration, and rough police handling, days go back to the days of German Rearmament the first CND march etc.

I salute you and call on all voters, trade unions and others who feel betrayed by the LibDems to march with you on the next demonstration and swell your ranks.

I hope all Labour voters who voted LibDem to get, and keep, out the CONservatives will return to the fold and vote Labour at the next General and Local elections.

The conservative education minister, Michael Gove MP, of an extreme right wing conservative senior party of a LibDemCon government, on the same news programmes as the demonstrations, looking smug, putting all the blame for the increases in student fees on the shoulders of Vince Cable, Nick Clegg and LibDem MP’s,

Congratulations must go to the LibDemCON government in awakening the protest giant and breeding the next generation, from our schools and colleges, of demonstrators and protesters against injustice.