Sunday, December 6, 2009

David Cameron

Well, well, well - talk about bring on a class war”

Cameron has over stepped the line this time taking his election campaign to the front line of the theatre of war.

Why does he not get out of the way and let our fine fighting men get on with the job in hand.

Posing in the poppy fields, in the way of the army, taking up officers time.

Has he no policies to offer for discussion, just keep throwing up these smoke screens. Lets get down to debating policies.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

MPs Expenses

The Telegraphs, both Sunday and Daily, expenses campaign has generated to nothing more than a witch hunt, knowing that more distaste by the public will rub off onto the incumbent government। MPs are no different from any other group of people, Policemen, Teachers, Lawyers, even Newspaper Columnists they all have their small percentage of members who need rooting out for some illegal reason or other.

The Telegraph is trying to deflect attention away from Cameron’s opposition party who have nothing they can add to NewLabour policy of making a discredited and broken capitalist system work fairer for all with a softer edge.

What is needed ia completely new and controlled method of Banking and finance.

One thing overlooked by the Telegraph, and other media is that they have forgotten to mention it was the Thatcher CONserative Government which introduced the ‘second home’ policy for MPs, and other expense claims।

All this so she could avoid raising MP’s salaries which she knew would be an unpopular move at the time। We get our members of parliament fairly cheaply compared with other countries. That does not excuse the few from breaking the law and/or rules as set up by the Thatcher CONservative government.

Cameron’s broken Britain has its origins in the Thatcher CONservative Government when she declared ‘there is no such thing as society’ and sold off the council Housing forcing up house prices, which then went out of control, one of the main causes of the current financial collapse।

Had NewLabour not brought in the freedom of information act, none of this would have come to light anyway: they were about to bring out the MPs expenses when the Telegraph paid someone to commit a crime in stealing these from a government office। I always understood it to be a felony to pay and entice someone to commit a crime।

Why hasn’t action been taken against the Telegraph?

The Telegraph campaign to whip up indignation and disgust among the people over a political system outdated and past it’s useful time, which NewLabour have been slowly reforming over a period of time - i।e. devolution, House of Lords etc. brings to mind another point. -

How many of these people have bought something in a Pub or from the back of a van or seen someone who will “Tarmac your front drive for cash mister, I have some left from my last job I can’t take back and I wont charge VAT” ?

If every body paid their fair share of tax, the basic tax rate could probably be cut by 3 or 4 pence in the pound.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

LABOUR - Securing Britain's Future

They are back, and they’re off!! No, not the politicians - Paxman and the two Andrews, Neil and Parr, the BBC’s own ‘we cynical 3 with our own agenda to push’ who try to rubbish Gordon Brown; whatever is said always goes back to the PM.

They ask so little about politics, only around the peripherals and negative questions. When a minister comes back with a good reply the 3 cynics change direction or say we are running out of time.

A good interview with the PM is often spoilt by silly questions on taking pills and the state of his eyesight from unfounded rammers - and the 'get Brown somehow' attitude.

A few years ago the BBC set up some good political programmes, now spoilt by this approach. The media make the news instead of reporting it, and pick out sound bites to suit themselves.

I often watch a whole speech on the Parliament Channel or News 24; when you see the report and sound bite on the main news it looks like a completely different speech.

Peter Mandelson made a brilliant speech at the Labour conference, I am no lover of Mandelson but I wonder what the news editors will make of that, poring over it to ridicule the speech and taking sound bites they want.

Even the 24 hour News needs a shake up. We get ‘experts’ in everything, shadowy figures talking in the dark, the voice of an actor, what a load of nonsense.

The same old hacks doing the newspaper reviews patting each other on the back saying how good their column is. Why not get some members of the public to review them instead of telling us how good they all are?.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Binge and unsociable drinking,

A lot is being said and written about this growing problem, the most being said about is raising the tax and duty to make it prohibitive.

This would only bring about the closing of sensible and controlled drinking places. British Legion Clubs, Private Members Clubs, Sports and Social Clubs, Public Houses with Tenants and free House Owners who know how to control their customers, and conduct sensible social drinking.

The modern trend of ‘Pub Chains’ and companies only add to the problem with their managers only aim seems to be to boost trade and make more profit for their companies and commission at any cost.

The end of ‘cheap booze’ and the ‘buy one and get one free’ culture at Supper Markets and chain store off-licences must end. If a bottle of whisky is £15 and a can of beer £2.30 so be it.
Drinking alcohol in the street and Public Places should be band (excepting private gardens and a Beer Tent at an organised function) there are now plenty of drinking places in all towns, restaurants and Pubs.
Ken Elmes,
former Pub tenant

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Davivd Cameron and the 'Eton Boys'

Sorry my ‘Blog’ is a little outdated and I missed the excitement of MPs expenses European elections etc. I have spent a few weeks in Hospital and the next few weeks unable to get to my PC. I will try and summarise my thoughts on these events in one go.”

Whilst not condoning any misdemeanours over the MP's expenses the whole issue became rather farcical, over a few thousand pounds, once again the British media trying to make the news instead of reporting it. Cameron’s £37,000 reported just once while two Labour members few £100s appeared on every news bulletin over the next 24 hours.

Most of the issues were over second homes, let us not forget it was the Thatcher CONservative government that introduced the second home claim policy. None of this would not have come to light if NewLabour had not brought in the freedom of information act and were about to introduce the MP’s expenses.

David Cameron became leader of the opposition saying he would not indulge in ‘Yah Boo’ politics at Question time, that’s all he does now with little to offer in opposing NewLabour. Reforming governments, both Blair and Brown have been trying to reform Capitalism and give it a softer edge for the benefit of all. To my mind a far from socialist government, the reasons I joined the Labour Party in 1952

The next few months run up to the election will see the media ‘soft sell’ Cameron and the ‘Eton Boys’ with their belief in that Eton education gives them the divine right to rule the country.

With the present situation of the World economic problems we are witnessing the end of the capitalist system as we know it. It is time for a new system to be worked out. Banks should stay in the ‘taxpayers’ hands and be better regulated, not left to the high powered gamblers using taxpayers’ savings to make millions for themselves

Monday, April 27, 2009

Huff and Puff

“ I’ll huff and I’ll puff till I blow your house down”

David Cameron, Osborne and their CONsevative troops have huffed and puffed through the Budget and their spring conference but have offered little or no policies, except to expand the ‘Tony Blair’ government policy of school academy to primary schools.

Despite the cynical remarks by Paxman, Neil , other commentators and ‘experts’ with their own agendas to push, and the same old reviewers of the daily papers at home, Gordon Brown continues to grow in stature Internationally as a leader, as his recent visits to Iraq, Afghanistan and the world conferences show.

As a ‘news junkie’ following most of the speeches in full live on 24 hour news there is a big difference listening to the whole speech rather than the ‘News Bites’ picked out by editors.

I remain a fully committed socialist as when joining Labour in 1952 but would sooner have Gordon Brown, or the Blair reforming government., than the CONservatives lead by anybody.

Sunday, April 12, 2009



Damian McWho ? Nobody heard of him ‘til he had done what most of us have - written a humorous, unsolicited and maybe rude email to a friend or colleague.

The trouble is David Cameron’s CONservatives have no alternative polices to the ones the Government is pursuing today, so they spend their time ‘nit’ picking over words.

It concerns them more who watches what DVDs, minor spending on what, instead of getting down with other leaders to sort out a better system of MP’s expenses. They have nothing more to say other than keep calling for a ‘Public Enquiry’ into every thing. And calling for sackings with personal attacks.

The reasons being, NewLabour have spent their time in office trying to make the capitalist system work fairer and with a softer edge to benefit us all, so Cameron is really in a cleft stick situation unable to attack politically.

What is needed is a radical change in Political direction at Westminster and the World.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New System Needed

World Financial Problems

Credit Crunch, Recession, Depression, Printing more money. Are we seeing the end of the capitalist system as we know it?

We have had the years of ‘New’ Labour trying to make capitalism work with a softer and more humane edge to be fair to all after the years of the extremes of right wing government. New Labour achieving a great deal but inevitably failing to fix all without a radical change in direction.

All of today’s financial troubles we are facing in the UK can be traced back to the Thatcher CONservative government’s sale of publicly own utilities, sale of the railways, the sale of public housing. The deregulisation of banking and financial institutions, allowing ‘Dog eat Dog’ to form the giants we have today being milked by the system and directors and allowed to crumble.

The playing with stocks and shares is no more than the working man going to the betting shop and putting a ‘Fiver’ on a horse and trying to make a pound or two; as they try and sell shares at a high price and buy them cheap, to maximise their own profits, we all suffer.

‘There is no such thing as society’ said the Thatcher CONservative government handing everybody a few hundred pounds to give away our assets to capitalist giants and sold to foreign firms. Remember ‘listen Sid’? The only people CONd were the British Public.

We have had 100 years, or more, of our right wing media and press making the word Socialism as bad a word like the familiar four letter Anglo Saxon swear words we all know. A better system is now needed combining the best of both systems.

It is very significant that the Co-operative Bank and Nationwide Building Society (the two largest mutual organisations in Britain) are as sound as ever and do not require any assistance from the government?

Is this not a classic example of Socialism working on behalf of the members and not for Directors and Shareholders? And that they have survived the onslaughts of the capitalist doctrine over the years.

Monday, March 9, 2009



Progress at last. The coming of the 3d. Runway at Heathrow is to be welcomed, this will bring about the continued prosperity of London.

I was born in our Borough when Heath Row was a small village on the edge of London. ‘London Airport’ came about almost by accident following a war time base being developed for civil use. As such I have seen the prosperity of the area grow and grow with the growth of the airport. In fact my own business grew in Twickenham and provided local employment, within this prosperity, with work as a direct result of Heathrow.

London became the centre of world commerce, no doubt with the help of the airport. Thousands of people moved into our and surrounding boroughs to enjoy this prosperity , to be in easy reach of lucrative jobs in the city and enjoy their flying holidays abroad.

It is mainly these people now complaining, petitioning and being ‘whipped’ up by local councils spending millions of pounds campaigning , no doubt for their own political purposes. Now London’s Mayor announces he will spend council taxpayers money lining the pockets of the legal professions.

The new generation of aircraft are being developed with quieter and more efficient engines, lets hope Heathrow continues to provide the wealth, employment and prosperity we all enjoy in this great part of the UK.