Thursday, August 27, 2009

Davivd Cameron and the 'Eton Boys'

Sorry my ‘Blog’ is a little outdated and I missed the excitement of MPs expenses European elections etc. I have spent a few weeks in Hospital and the next few weeks unable to get to my PC. I will try and summarise my thoughts on these events in one go.”

Whilst not condoning any misdemeanours over the MP's expenses the whole issue became rather farcical, over a few thousand pounds, once again the British media trying to make the news instead of reporting it. Cameron’s £37,000 reported just once while two Labour members few £100s appeared on every news bulletin over the next 24 hours.

Most of the issues were over second homes, let us not forget it was the Thatcher CONservative government that introduced the second home claim policy. None of this would not have come to light if NewLabour had not brought in the freedom of information act and were about to introduce the MP’s expenses.

David Cameron became leader of the opposition saying he would not indulge in ‘Yah Boo’ politics at Question time, that’s all he does now with little to offer in opposing NewLabour. Reforming governments, both Blair and Brown have been trying to reform Capitalism and give it a softer edge for the benefit of all. To my mind a far from socialist government, the reasons I joined the Labour Party in 1952

The next few months run up to the election will see the media ‘soft sell’ Cameron and the ‘Eton Boys’ with their belief in that Eton education gives them the divine right to rule the country.

With the present situation of the World economic problems we are witnessing the end of the capitalist system as we know it. It is time for a new system to be worked out. Banks should stay in the ‘taxpayers’ hands and be better regulated, not left to the high powered gamblers using taxpayers’ savings to make millions for themselves