Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Leaders debates? - Yes but not on our present electoral system.

So the Media have got their way - for years they have been trying to bring our electoral system to more of a presidential election.

At one time complaining that our Prime ministers have been to presidential, on another time saying they do nothing. We have cabinet government in Great Britain, and when there is cabinet discussion to arrive at good policy forming the media cry ‘uturned’ and ‘indecision‘.

I can not cast my vote for any of the party leaders, until now I have always understood that we cast our vote in our constituency for the best candidate we believe would represent us in parliament, and the leader of the party gaining most seats would be sent for by the Queen to form a government.

If we fall inline with what the ‘well informed’ media want (with their ‘experts’ in everything, but decision makers in nothing, and the same old news media hacks) we will need two votes, one to cast for the debaters and one for our constituency member of parliament. That would soon end up with a ‘lame duck’ leader with nothing to lead as they often do in America.

I am not saying we do not need a change, but if we have a change it can only come about by overall electoral reform, our present system has only evolved over the years by gradually clipping back the powers of the land owners and the people who believe they had the divine right to rule the rest of us without a proper written constitution, this can be clearly seen by the ‘modern’ conservative party continually calling for a public enquiry into everything without offering alternative policies.

The biggest disservice done to politics in this country in recent years has been by the cynical approach by the media and it’s commentators like Neil. Paxman, Marr and Dimblebey, (who dose not chair a meeting without continually butting in before a person on the panel has completed their answer) who have their own agendas to push.

Leaders debates? Yes but not on our present electoral system.

* First published ‘Twickenham online-communities site