Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Binge and unsociable drinking,

A lot is being said and written about this growing problem, the most being said about is raising the tax and duty to make it prohibitive.

This would only bring about the closing of sensible and controlled drinking places. British Legion Clubs, Private Members Clubs, Sports and Social Clubs, Public Houses with Tenants and free House Owners who know how to control their customers, and conduct sensible social drinking.

The modern trend of ‘Pub Chains’ and companies only add to the problem with their managers only aim seems to be to boost trade and make more profit for their companies and commission at any cost.

The end of ‘cheap booze’ and the ‘buy one and get one free’ culture at Supper Markets and chain store off-licences must end. If a bottle of whisky is £15 and a can of beer £2.30 so be it.
Drinking alcohol in the street and Public Places should be band (excepting private gardens and a Beer Tent at an organised function) there are now plenty of drinking places in all towns, restaurants and Pubs.
Ken Elmes,
former Pub tenant