Saturday, October 24, 2009

MPs Expenses

The Telegraphs, both Sunday and Daily, expenses campaign has generated to nothing more than a witch hunt, knowing that more distaste by the public will rub off onto the incumbent government। MPs are no different from any other group of people, Policemen, Teachers, Lawyers, even Newspaper Columnists they all have their small percentage of members who need rooting out for some illegal reason or other.

The Telegraph is trying to deflect attention away from Cameron’s opposition party who have nothing they can add to NewLabour policy of making a discredited and broken capitalist system work fairer for all with a softer edge.

What is needed ia completely new and controlled method of Banking and finance.

One thing overlooked by the Telegraph, and other media is that they have forgotten to mention it was the Thatcher CONserative Government which introduced the ‘second home’ policy for MPs, and other expense claims।

All this so she could avoid raising MP’s salaries which she knew would be an unpopular move at the time। We get our members of parliament fairly cheaply compared with other countries. That does not excuse the few from breaking the law and/or rules as set up by the Thatcher CONservative government.

Cameron’s broken Britain has its origins in the Thatcher CONservative Government when she declared ‘there is no such thing as society’ and sold off the council Housing forcing up house prices, which then went out of control, one of the main causes of the current financial collapse।

Had NewLabour not brought in the freedom of information act, none of this would have come to light anyway: they were about to bring out the MPs expenses when the Telegraph paid someone to commit a crime in stealing these from a government office। I always understood it to be a felony to pay and entice someone to commit a crime।

Why hasn’t action been taken against the Telegraph?

The Telegraph campaign to whip up indignation and disgust among the people over a political system outdated and past it’s useful time, which NewLabour have been slowly reforming over a period of time - i।e. devolution, House of Lords etc. brings to mind another point. -

How many of these people have bought something in a Pub or from the back of a van or seen someone who will “Tarmac your front drive for cash mister, I have some left from my last job I can’t take back and I wont charge VAT” ?

If every body paid their fair share of tax, the basic tax rate could probably be cut by 3 or 4 pence in the pound.

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Botogol said...

If the Telegraph expense campaign is hurting Labour more than the Conservatives, it's because while Cameron is relentlessly forcing each Conservative MP caught with his hands in the till to resign (eg Wilshire) Gordon Brown is still defending the miscreants on his side (eg Jacqui Smith.. who hasn't repaid a penny)

I can't believe anyone seriously thinks the Daily Telegraph shd prosecuted for helping expose all this.