Thursday, October 1, 2009

LABOUR - Securing Britain's Future

They are back, and they’re off!! No, not the politicians - Paxman and the two Andrews, Neil and Parr, the BBC’s own ‘we cynical 3 with our own agenda to push’ who try to rubbish Gordon Brown; whatever is said always goes back to the PM.

They ask so little about politics, only around the peripherals and negative questions. When a minister comes back with a good reply the 3 cynics change direction or say we are running out of time.

A good interview with the PM is often spoilt by silly questions on taking pills and the state of his eyesight from unfounded rammers - and the 'get Brown somehow' attitude.

A few years ago the BBC set up some good political programmes, now spoilt by this approach. The media make the news instead of reporting it, and pick out sound bites to suit themselves.

I often watch a whole speech on the Parliament Channel or News 24; when you see the report and sound bite on the main news it looks like a completely different speech.

Peter Mandelson made a brilliant speech at the Labour conference, I am no lover of Mandelson but I wonder what the news editors will make of that, poring over it to ridicule the speech and taking sound bites they want.

Even the 24 hour News needs a shake up. We get ‘experts’ in everything, shadowy figures talking in the dark, the voice of an actor, what a load of nonsense.

The same old hacks doing the newspaper reviews patting each other on the back saying how good their column is. Why not get some members of the public to review them instead of telling us how good they all are?.

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