Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Personal Note

I have been having considerable trouble in getting my new award agreed, there appears to be to many administrators and managers passing bits of paper from one an other and desk to desk. In all the words they use they do not seem to know the two simplest words in the English language ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in covering their backs.

I should add here that in 21 years, unfortunately, as a major stroke victim having to rely on the NHS I have nothing but praise for the medical treatment I have received over the years. I give them 10 out of 10 for all their help and consideration. As for administration both NHS and Council social workers, there are far to many and the result dismal, I give them 1 out of 10.

To Whom It May Concern

In 2007 it was suggested I took up the direct payment scheme for my personal care and quality of life. This I agreed and a method was worked out with the help of the Rowan Organisation.

I was awarded £1231.60 (varying by days in the month) This worked very well and efficient until my last admission to Hospital, despite a decrease, in real terms, of some 5/6% due to inflation and increase insurance costs. On discharge I needed help getting into and out of bed and applied for an extra 1 hour a day at the rate I paid my PA (£9.50) for this help.

Over the next 6 months or more my physical condition rapidly deteriorated with the ageing problems compounding on my stroke of 21 years, and many visits were made to my home by Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and others. Many visits to Kingston Hospital and the Distinct Nursing team continued to call twice weekly.

All these visits reporting I needed more help than that provided and I had asked extra for. Both senior Therapists reporting, in a written report, that now my right and only good arm, was causing concern and not able to be used 90 degrees (the reason for my Hospital visits throughout the last 9 months). These reports were sent to my care manager.

My balance was very bad, and I was a danger to myself trying to cook, and could not reach to get items from the cupboards or fridge. My career now has to cook my main meal each day out of the three hours a day allowed for in the original agreement and award (in fact has been doing many hours’ unpaid help)

In July 2010 I was asked, and supplied a diary over a period of three weeks to show the care my career was giving on a daily basis. Since then I recently supplied a list of the extra help I need as was suggested at the many visits to me at my home by the various agencies.

My December remittance advice shows a sum of £1598.89 an increase of £363.49 (£88.12 a week) over my payments since I first opted for direct payments. This barely covers the extra I asked for in March, and the employer NI contributions increase of £2.10 per week, leaving £19.52 for all the extra help I now need and that recommended.

I want my award looked into again, together with all the reports made into my physical condition over the last year.

To Whom It May Concern continued additions January 2011

With time to reread the above and study with old papers it appears the confusion seems to have arisen by an administration error.

The award made in 2007 for home care and quality of life living was based on the formula of –
75 hours @ £0.00p and
45 hours @ £00.0p
Total payment of £0,000.00p per month to be spent at the reciprocants discretion.

This being worked out with the help of the Rowan Organisation and agreed by the Council @ 3 hours per day for personal care and help in the home, the balance to be spent in maintaining as near a life style as possible. I.e. Attending meetings, attending monthly committee meeting, Theatre visits and participating in the local community as fully as possible as in the past.

On my discharge from hospital and deteriating physical condition I asked, in March 2010, for an extra hour per day for help in getting into and out of bed @£9.50 at the rate I was paying for personal care. All agencies now agree I need more hours than I asked for nearly a year ago now.

It appears the award made December 2010 is based on the draught of ‘My Support Plan’ by Support Broker, Jo Munday, only on the figure I paid my Carer/PA of £9.50 and not on the original hourly rates. I understand m/s Munday had not seen the Occupational Therapist’s report before draughting the plan.

I hope this helps to clarify the matter, although I am very physically affected, mentally I am still 110% fit and quite happy for my carer to bring me to any meeting at any time to meet and discuss this further.

Kenneth Elmes January 2011


Weed said...

i sympathise Ken -- it's such a waste of time and energy having to battle with organisations and authorities and big companies, just trying to sort out admin details -- though it's some consolation that now there are blogs where we can pour out our frustrations :)

anyamorris said...

Your fault for being a socialist in the first place - all men treated as equal and that - so why expect additional and preferencial help just because of a health dilemma? You can't have it both ways.

I've also worked out you had your stroke when you were only fifty. Why was that? Have you asked those questions to yourself? Most stokes are caused by bad diets, drinking too much or snorting stuff like coke or years of not enough basic fluids like water. And you end up frying your brain.

Back in the day enfeebled entities just got a live-in companion which they paid for out of their own purse. And if you couldn't afford it then someone from your local parish might and I do stress the word MIGHT assist you. But it wasn't set it stone. It wasn't a foregone conclusion that just because you had a problem you automatically were guaranteed a machine of loving grace to watch over you.

Thing with local authorities is they've got too big for their own boots thanks to successive labour governments and the public expectation of them has risen with show-off tactics and claims made by both government and all these local authorities are now they're having to back-track to a position they held fifty odd years ago whilst trying to apply all these foolhardy government intiatives like the direct payment scheme for social care which is a complete administrative nightmare.

I think you need to go back to the invention of the NHS which sounded like a good idea at the time of it's introduction in 1948 but was another foolhardy scheme introduced by a labour government. Afterall it was borrowed from a local scheme set up by a group of miners to pay for medical treatment. They ALL and again I stress the word all they paid in a few pence a week so if any of them sustained an injury, whether big or small, they could afford the treatment. It didn't allow for people who'd never paid into the system for getting free healthcare. It didn't allow for people who has outstayed their welcome on this earth. And then some numpty, Aneurism Bevan I think, thought it such a good enterprise The design of the NHS was flawed from the start. Concept seemed good. Application to masses....? Right from the start it should have been only those who'd contributed to the system should be entitled to free health but it just opened the flood gates to all and sundry. By the time the NHS reached puberty the government of the time in the late sixties, Wilson's time if I recall correctly, introduced the 'care in the community' nonsense that just transferred the pressure of the NHS because in that short space of time they realised they couldn't cope with the influx of the feeble minded offspring to the feeble minded geriatics and that's before trying to provide free healthcare to all even to those who hadn't contributed to the system in the first place, to the newly formed local authorities

And that was before the latest Labour let so many people from the rest of the word into this country and take advantage of our free healthcare system.

So don't expect so much from others unless you put your hand in your pocket and pay for it yourself.

As an aside I notice you mentioned the squats in Twickenham in the 1970s. Did you know the three chemistry graduates who cooked up acid(lsd)and then sold it throughout West London through the nephew of some bloke in the Met's drug squad? I think there was a TV documentary made about this called 'operation julie'. If you were around in those days no wonder you fried your brain by the time you were only fifty.

And don't expect so much from others.

Ken E said...

anyamorris - no doubt a biggoted Facist council worker hideing behind a one off site