Sunday, June 6, 2010

The LIBdemCON Government

The dust has settled, now may be the time for a few comments on the 2010 election and its outcome. Now in my 75th. year I have never missed an election, local or national since the age of 21 (qualifying age then) even travelling an 80 mile round trip for a council bye election, the councillor turning out to be a political opportunist flip flopping from party to party ending up in the CONservities.

Firstly, the media finally got its way in turning our election system into a presidential type. I could note vote for any of the leaders pushed down our throats by the BBC, I would have like to have seen something of the other candidates who would end up in the cabinet.

All we got was the cynicle approach of the same old media 'hacks' with their own agendas to push (mainly get rid of Brown), the news paper columists reviewing each others writings and telling us how good they are.

We used to vote for the person in our constituency we though would best represent us in parliament, the winning party leader becoming Prime minister. Now we seem to be told to vote for a prime minister, dragging their party after them.

Nobody winning this time, we end up with the public school ‘Rich Kids’ and their followers telling us ‘we are all in this together’ and taking a 5% pay cut to show the way. Our own modest MP getting a rise from £64,000 to £137,000 cutting by some £8,000 leaving him only £129,000, I wonder if they can all manage on what’s left?

We now have the spectacle of a prime minister sinking his principles to grab his few years/months of glory and the LibDems, well, no principles at all to get a sniff on the coat tails of CONservative minority power.

A lot is said by our brave new leader about his new government being more democratic?? The first thing he does is to secure his premiership by raising the vote to bring down a government from 50% + 1 to 55%.

The best way to be more democratic would to stop all ‘whipping’ and let Members of Parliament vote as they promised the electors in their constituency.

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