Monday, March 9, 2009



Progress at last. The coming of the 3d. Runway at Heathrow is to be welcomed, this will bring about the continued prosperity of London.

I was born in our Borough when Heath Row was a small village on the edge of London. ‘London Airport’ came about almost by accident following a war time base being developed for civil use. As such I have seen the prosperity of the area grow and grow with the growth of the airport. In fact my own business grew in Twickenham and provided local employment, within this prosperity, with work as a direct result of Heathrow.

London became the centre of world commerce, no doubt with the help of the airport. Thousands of people moved into our and surrounding boroughs to enjoy this prosperity , to be in easy reach of lucrative jobs in the city and enjoy their flying holidays abroad.

It is mainly these people now complaining, petitioning and being ‘whipped’ up by local councils spending millions of pounds campaigning , no doubt for their own political purposes. Now London’s Mayor announces he will spend council taxpayers money lining the pockets of the legal professions.

The new generation of aircraft are being developed with quieter and more efficient engines, lets hope Heathrow continues to provide the wealth, employment and prosperity we all enjoy in this great part of the UK.

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